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  • There are many reasons joining MGS is a candidate’s top choice. Below are a few that top the list.


    Internal Growth Opportunities

    Employees are valued and an important part of MGS’s success and its future.  The philosophy at MGS is to promote from within whenever possible and training and development is key to achieving this success.  The company approaches the development of its workforce using several avenues of training.  Many times training begins with more experienced employees assisting the newer employee to learn their jobs and our business.

    Management notices when employees stand out for things like attention to detail, taking ownership of their work and expressing interest in advancement.  We believe in helping our employees grow into a new position if they have the ability, aptitude, and desire.

  • Global Footprint

    MGS Mfg. Group is a global provider located in the United States, Mexico, and Ireland.
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  • Company Events

    It’s not all work here – we have FUN as well!  Each facility has activities that are specific to their location and culture from volleyball games and fun runs to company outings.

  • MGS Named Business of the Year by the Germantown Chamber of Commerce – 2015

    MGS is proud to have received the 2015 Germantown Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year award.